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   CyberScream: A tour de force of pulse-pounding beats, crushing guitars, and lightning synthesizers. The band’s sound is an adrenaline rush of pure heavy metal electricity, ranging from stadium singalongs to insane asylum meltdowns, and it all comes from one man.


   Dane White is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Phoenix, Arizona, and the sole writer, producer, and studio performer of CyberScream. He envisioned a band that spawned out of an evil power grid environment ridden with fire and tesla coils. It needed a sound that captured the vibes of his eclectic influences, and a visually stunning theatrical appeal with no holds barred. After minimal collaborative efforts in the local music scene, he relocated to Orlando, Florida with the intent of following in the footsteps of Trent Reznor and Prince by making a record himself.


   CyberScream's independent self titled debut was released in 2020 to critical success, with star reviews from Cryptic Rock and Go Venue Magazine. Following that would be the radio-ready single “Everything About You,” as well as a fiery music video for the cover of Motley Crue's “Live Wire.” Now, rapid fire releases of new Mixtapes are hitting the airwaves, full of demos aimed to stoke the creative flames and reach a larger audience.

   Beneath the Shock Rock surface, Dane is quite a sensitive and introspective songwriter with CyberScream. With layered lyrics from deeply personal experiences to wild fantasies, the music takes the listener on a sonic roller coaster ride while simultaneously begging the question, “Who am I?”

    At the moment, CyberScream primarily exists in audio and video mediums, but there are thousands of world wide fans that Dane has built through social media, as well as drumming for Combichrist, that are hungry for his signature brand of performance. Dane is currently brewing up plans for an all new live show, guaranteed to be a spectacle of high energy heavy metal power to shock the senses and rock the masses. The future of hard rock and heavy metal is now, and without a doubt, CyberScream will be part of it.

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